9 Ways to Position Your Business as the Industry’s In-demand Expert

Dr Ross McKenzie

Learn smart ways to increase your lead generation and not spend a fortune in the process.

Join Dr Ross McKenzie to learn a 9 step framework for generating leads and building your brand as an expert authority, without significant investment in time or money.

Join us to learn how to:
  • Develop partnerships to scale your business
  • Attract highly qualified prospects that convert
  • Build meaningful moments to retain loyal customers
  • Leverage the latest technologies for cost-efficiencies
About the Speaker

Dr Ross McKenzie
Leading Expert Authority On The New Economy Business

Dr Ross McKenzie is the former Executive Director of Global Service Delivery at Westpac and has led multi-geography high performing teams. He has also conducted doctoral research on how firms implement and optimise global strategies in this new digital disruptive world. He is now CEO and Founder of The StartUp Business.

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